Do you know about America’s Abortion King?

Have you heard the story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, America’s Abortion King? Did you know that the father of the abortion industry became staunchly Pro-Life shortly after the 1973 Roe v Wade decision?

Bringing Healing Truth to a World Broken by Abortion

Healing America with the inspiring true story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s pro-life conversion and God’s gift of Divine Mercy.

With Roe v Wade overturned and abortion policy returned to “We, the People”, Dr. Nathanson’s compelling legacy and healing message is now more relevant than ever. 

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Of Christians polled listed the need for info on the life issue as #1 interest.
Of Christians have never heard of Dr. Nathanson or his Pro-Life conversion.
Of surveys report that the content of Hosea’s Liberated by Truth Conferences is essential.

Hosea 4:6 says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

That is what makes Dr. Nathanson’s story so relevant for today.

It brings knowledge to generations that have been lied to by the abortion industry.

Dr. Nathanson wanted every American to be liberated from
his lies that are still being perpetrated today.

Messenger of Truth Program

So adults and teens can be a part of our mission to heal America with one of the most relevant and inspiring stories of God’s Divine Mercy, we encourage you to consider our Messenger of Truth Program. It is a free, self- paced, educational program equipping you to confidently enter the public square in a non-confrontational way and tell the story of Dr. Nathanson’s conversion – from Abortion King to Child of God.

Our hope is to train thousands of MOTs and unite you with a growing Pro-Life community who share ideas of how they are changing hearts and minds by bringing this healing truth to their community.

“. . . I cannot help but feel that it may be time to pull back a little on the legislative and judicial fronts and invest energy and funds in a massive educational campaign to educate the public. . .”

-Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson MD



“The Hosea Initiative is a great gift to assist those in the Church to proclaim the dignity of every human life. I pray God’s blessing upon Mrs Beatley and her ministry. May it be used to transform the hearts of many and save the souls of millions.”

—Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS

“Dr. Nathanson left behind a very important mission for Terry Beatley. I enthusiastically support her efforts . . . If our country responds in conviction and repentance to these efforts to bring Dr. Nathanson’s message to our people, there is still a chance to return our great nation to the Faith of our fathers where they truly believed, ‘All men are created equal’ and are endowed by their Creator. . . with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

—Dr. Richard Land

President Emeritus of Southern Evangelical Seminary and the Ethics & Religious Commission of SBC

“The Hosea Initiative team is a God-centered force of nature! Their hard work has blown a gale force wind into the interminable abortion debate. Armed with Terry Beatley’s interview of Dr. Nathanson and the promise she made him, Hosea Initiative supplies the missing link: historical truth intertwined with delicate charity.”

— Laura Pennefather Gomes,

Director of Religious Education. St. John the Beloved Catholic Church, Diocese of Arlington, VA.