Why Hosea Initiative?


In a rare interview on December 1, 2009, Dr. Bernard Nathanson instructed Terry to:

  • Teach America how he deceived our nation with stealthy lies and crafty propaganda
  • Deliver his personal parting message to our nation. 

Terry promised Dr. Nathanson to make his legacy common knowledge.

This promise was made exactly 12 years prior to the Dobbs v Jackson case. This case ultimately overturned Roe v Wade. With God there are no coincidences.


Heal America with the inspiring true story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s pro-life conversion and God’s gift of Divine Mercy


By teaching the greatest UNKNOWN pro-life  conversion story of all time, Hosea Initiative showcases God’s Divine Mercy to even the most egregious sinner who repents. 

It’s the true story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. A story of deceit and redemption which can end abortion; heal broken hearts; and lead millions of people to receive the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. 

Hosea Initiative responds generously to the commission given us by Dr. Nathanson, the regretful co-founder of NARAL who trained Planned Parenthood’s doctors in the early 1970’s. Exploiting his authority as a physician, he became known as America’s “Abortion King” and “Keeper of Abortion’s Keys”.  

Science, however, changed his mind. He admitted to widespread deception, repented, and became a Child of God. Most Americans, though, do not know his compelling story, but that will soon change.