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Welcome to Hosea Initiative

A Messenger of Truth is exactly what it sounds like- it is spreading the message of truth across the nation.

Being a Messenger of Truth through Hosea Initiative and Hosea GreatLife Teens (if you are under 21) connects you with a community of Pro-Lifers dedicated to spreading truth across the nation. We do this with the goal of Bringing Healing Truth to a world broken by abortion.

Our primary goal is to heal America with the inspiring true story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s pro-life conversion and God’s gift of Divine Mercy.

If you are under the age of 21, after you complete the first training course we will send you an “MOT Box”. This means you are officially a Messenger of Truth! The box includes a branded T-shirt, water bottle, flyers, fact check books about Dr Bernard Nathanson, stickers, and a signed copy of “What if We’ve Been Wrong?” by Terry Beatley. If you are over 21

After you complete step two you will officially be an Hosea Initiative or GreatLife Teens Ambassador! This means you will receive a hoodie, an ambassador code, and an invitation to our exclusive Pro-Life Vacation!

To share this incredible knowledge about the truth of the Pro-Life movement we have created a fun, inspiring, educational, and engaging way to make sure that all are MOTs are armed with the truth. We want each of you to use this education for action so be sure to check out our actions page, to see how you can take part in reversing abortion strategies with MOTs across the nation.

Upon signing up we will be in contact with you in the next few days to discuss being and MOT.

We look forward to meeting you!