Becoming a Witness for Life Teacher’s Guide




  • Sample pages available upon request. Email
  • Catholic and Protestant High School versions available
  • College and Adult Ed/Sunday School coming soon!
  • 60 pages

[Printed with ecclesiastical permission, Nihil Obstat

Granted June 29, 2018, Diocese of Arlington, Virginia]

What If We’ve Been Wrong? serves as the curriculum framework for Becoming a Witness for Life, a 4-unit curriculum Teacher’s Guide for high school students to explore the cultural influences, history and world-views which have promoted the devaluation of human life. The curriculum also encourages student reflection on morality and the injustice of abortion, thereby promoting a personal commitment to become an active witness for the Gospel of Life.


Goal #1: To increase the knowledge and understanding of how the practice of abortion contradicts the Gospel of Life as proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

Goal #2:  To develop an understanding of and a secure identity as a Christian Witness for Life

Goal #3: To be a witness for life and act on one’s belief that all life (at all stages of human development) must be respected and protected.


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