With Child Campaign

HOSEA INITIATIVE sees the importance of resurrecting the Scriptural phrase “WITH CHILD” to describe a woman’s time of waiting for her child to be born. It is a more accurate description of the state of expectancy with language resonant of the gift of life. It is more refined language, honors the woman’s maternity, and affirms the presence of another human being. It is also scriptural.

HOSEA INITIATIVE advances this campaign of semantics in its literature, advertising, and merchandizing, restoring a lost expression which is more accurate, appropriate and scriptural than the medical term of “pregnancy”. A woman is “with child” rather than simply pregnant. Like the recent efforts to return “Merry Christmas” back to its place of honor as the authentic Christian greeting, HOSEA INITIATIVE is initiating a wide, ecumenical appeal to all persons who value Life to adopt the language which removes the option of ignoring the presence of another human being.